June 14, 2021

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While there were hopes that Apple would announce new MacBook Pro models at WWDC, the keynote did not mention anything regarding it. According to the latest predictions, the device will now be released in the third quarter of 2021.

These predictions are based on claims from Apple suppliers stating that shipments for the new device will begin in the year’s third quarter, which runs from July to September. However, there isn’t absolute clarity over whether these shipments refer to the new MacBook Pros or separate components for the laptops.

Rumors suggested that WWDC would have featured more product announcements,

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Harvard University admitted 747 applicants who applied early action (which is nonbinding) to the institution this year. The number of early applicants was 10,086, up from 6,424 for last year’s class. Brown University admitted 885 students who applied early decision (which is binding) this year. The application pool was 5,540, up 22 percent in a year. Dartmouth College admitted 566 students, from a pool of 2,664, up nearly 29 percent.

Those kinds of increases were not unique to the Ivy League. The University of Virginia‘s early decision pool was up 38 percent. A record number (4,000) applied to Tulane

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