July 24, 2021

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Alabama football coach Nick Saban avoids political drama

3 min read

The shift has been inevitable if imperceptible at times. The combination of success, stability and force of personality has made Nick Saban the undisputed elder statesman of college football. Whether he is asked about his impression on the trends in the game like transfer portal ramifications or broader social issues, Saban has a broad reach, perhaps unprecedented in college football history because of the social media networks that now blanket the nation. 

Saban has also addressed societal issues. The fact that he made a public service announcement  promoting the efficacy of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination had far more impact than anything Gov. Kay Ivey could have said. He has spoken out for Habitat for Humanity. Earlier this week, he was back in his home state of West Virginia, joining Sen. Joe Manchin, a hugely influential figure these days, for an opioid addiction awareness fundraiser. 

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